Football Fields

From the classic charm of natural grass to the cutting-edge innovation of synthetic and hybrid turf, we specialize in creating football fields that ignite victories. But our commitment doesn’t stop at the turf – we extend our expertise to providing high-quality lighting solutions that illuminate every thrilling moment on the field.

Natural Grass

Natural grass pitches are considered the benchmark for functional attributes and usability quality, with players overwhelmingly favoring them due to their safety. Royal Sport offers comprehensive services for the installation of natural grass pitches, encompassing the establishment of the grass surface, the supportive foundation, and a complete drainage system.

Synthetic Grass

Synthetic grass surfaces, though an alternative, strive to replicate the functional attributes and quality of use found in natural grass pitches, all while maintaining a focus on player safety. Royal Sport provides a full range of services for synthetic grass installation, including surface establishment, foundational support, and efficient drainage systems.

Hybrid Grass

Hybrid grass systems, as a substitute, aim to emulate the functional characteristics and quality of play associated with natural grass pitches while prioritizing player safety. Royal Sport offers a comprehensive range of services for the installation of hybrid grass, encompassing surface establishment, foundational support, and effective drainage solutions.

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